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Stacey Alan

Stacey Alan

Financial Advisor

Stacey began his financial services career with one of the nation’s largest wire-house investment firms, joining SFC in the first half of 2020 seeking a less transactional, more planning-focused approach to helping clients with their wealth building objectives and retirement strategy development.  “I love my work because it allows me to develop relationships with so many different people, from all walks of life, many of whom have become personal friends.” 

An extensive background in finance and real estate affords Stacey the opportunity to leverage that knowledge and expertise for the benefit of his clients on their journey toward greater financial security.  In addition, as a military veteran having served in Operation Desert Storm, Stacey believes the disciplines he brings to developing well thought out strategies are crucial to his client service model.  “My time in the military allowed me to travel and serve people all over the world.  I love bringing my life experiences to bear in helping others seeking to accomplish their financial goals.”

 Personally, Stacey is the proud father of three. His oldest is pursuing a career in acting, his middle child is attending K-State while serving in the reserves, and his youngest is in her last year of high school preparing to enter the military.