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Philip Schmidt*

Philip Schmidt*

Financial Advisor

Philip was born and raised in Newton, Kansas and has continued to be an active member of the Newton and Hesston communities throughout his life. 

Philip earned a B.A. from Bethel College and a Master’s in Education from the University of Kansas, before he and his wife, Marla, dedicated two years of voluntary service in South Dakota.   That experience, which included one year as a teacher’s assistant in an out of school suspension program and another as an assistant manager of a day program for adults with persistent mental illness, imbued Phillip with the desire to lead a life focused on making a difference for others.

Returning to the Hesston area, Philip spent 15 years as a Science teacher educating young minds at Newton High School.   While working in the schools, Philip became intrigued by the complexities of the financial decisions faced by his friends and colleagues, especially those nearing or entering retirement.  His study of these matters led many of his acquaintances to seek his counsel and advice, so he stepped away from the classroom to pursue his passion for helping others plan their financial futures.  Today, Philip utilizes his teaching talents to help educate his clients, so that they can make the most informed financial decisions possible.

Philip enjoys working at the Strategic Financial Concepts office because of the helpful, friendly atmosphere.  “Everyone there is committed to making sure that the clients’ needs come first.  There is a team atmosphere that really helps ensure that the clients always get first-class service and support.”  It was the dedication to helping others Philip witnessed at SFC that caused him to feel that this was the place for him.