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Strategic Alliance: Opportunities for legal and tax professionals

A Strategic Alliance is a coordinated effort between your business and Strategic Financial Concepts to serve mutual clients.  Although the two entities are separate, the client views us as one team, offering multiple services to help them reach their ultimate financial goals.  Clients benefit from full coordination and communication among all professionals.  These arrangements are designed to produce higher levels of client retention and satisfaction, leading to increased revenues for all participating professionals. 

For a Strategic Alliance to operate smoothly and profitably, the relationship must be approached on a structured business-to-business basis, with both senior and managing partners approving, endorsing, and interacting in the process.


  • Beneficial guidance for clients in all areas of planning.
  • The ability to handle more cases through joint work efforts.
  • Increased market share and revenues for both businesses.
  • Free exchange of ideas and concepts within the Alliance.
  • Effective small-business planning through a professional approach.
  • Consistent flow of new prospects for both entities.
  • Increased referrals from top clients.
  • Value-added marketing.


We provide direction in our areas of experience, as defined by our arrangement with you, to help you eliminate potential problems before they arise and to identify new opportunities for your business.  We are proactive, encouraging your clients to take action on recommendations of the team in order to help ensure their success. 

We provide our clients with the highest level of service, encouragement and support to give them a sense of financial certainty.

We continually deliver new tools, structures and systems for dealing creatively with global economic change.

We work as a team by using the talents and experience of each of our associates to provide a customized plan for your business and your clients.

In Summary (for legal and tax professionals only)

If you are looking for a professional firm with diversified services that uses a consummate team approach to help you accomplish your business goals, Strategic Financial Concepts is waiting to build a Strategic Alliance relationship with you.

Strategic Financial Concepts wants to earn your client’s trust by first earning yours.  That is why we make the following commitments to you:

We believe that our clients are best served when they are presented with detailed analysis of their financial status and are offered alternatives.  We offer an array of insurance and investment products available in the industry today.

 “Service first, last and always.”  This statement defines the way we do business.  No matter the circumstances, no matter the challenge, we will do whatever it takes to help your clients put their financial affairs in order.

We fully understand the importance of your relationship with your clients.  That is why maintaining the quality of those relationships is our primary consideration in everything that we do.  You can depend on us to respect the level of trust that you have built with your clients.