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Mission and Objectives

At SFC our goal is to provide a more efficient and cost effective approach to building wealth using a macro financial process that looks at your overall financial picture.

This process involves the use of proven economic principles and a comprehensive financial model.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Where does it all go?!”
Every dollar entering your financial world goes to support your lifestyle, build your wealth, or is transferred away.

Often we are able, through increased awareness and monetary efficiencies, to recapture some of those unwanted transfers, so it can be added to your accumulated capital, or used to enhance your current lifestyle.

Using our economic model our process starts with the Strategic Examination phase, where we review the products and services already in your current model to see if there are opportunities for improved functionality.

Next, we begin the Strategic Coordination process with an eye to bringing your personal and employer benefits, savings and investment plans into greater harmony, by applying the economic principles of the model.

Finally, we move into Strategic Integration using a financial simulator to evaluate and implement methods for creating additional financial efficiencies and monetary velocity.

Let us employ our expertise and proprietary strategic processes to help you to reach your financial objectives. At SFC, we are:

Designing successful strategies for every phase of life.