Our Team


Bruce Davison, CFP®


Bruce is a graduate of Southwest Baptist University and The College for Financial Planning. He left his familys regional retail business in1985 to pursue a career in financial services. Bruce spent several years as a representative, field director, sales manager and, finally, Kansas general manager for a Kansas City based financial services company. Sensing a need to provide clients with a greater degree of operational independence than a "branded" shop would allow, Bruce left to found Strategic Financial Concepts, Inc. in 1993.

"My desire was to build an organization which brought together individuals with education, expertise and experience in all facets of financial services, and to create a team environment which would tap into the creativity that a multi-disciplinary process can foster, for the benefit of the clients we serve. That is what weve done here at SFC."

Bruce takes great pleasure in helping individuals, businesses, agri-businesses, and professional practices plan for a more successful financial future. "Although much of my time today is spent assisting our associates and coordinating their efforts on behalf of our clients, the most satisfying part of my career remains the interaction with my personal clientele."

"Please take a few moments to meet some of our SFC associates and affiliates. Several of them are listed below. They are among the finest professionals to be found anywhere in our industry."


Chris Akins


Chris began his career in the financial industry by helping people manage the expense risk of critical illness cost. He started to realize the importance and complexity of making wise financial decisions and desired to provide his friends, family and community with comprehensive financial strategies. Joining Strategic Financial Concepts allowed him to be a valuable resource to people of all walks of life by sharing the financial wisdom and knowledge of SFCs industry professionals. Chris gives his clients a fresh view of their finances and empowers them to make sound financial decisions.

Chris says, I enjoy being an associate of SFC, whose values line up with mine when it comes to serving, helping others and being family centered. I love making an impact in the lives of my clients and in our community, and want to help them like I would my own family. We help our clients define their dreams and goals, while charting a course to navigate an ever changing financial future. Chris is a lifelong resident of Southeast Kansas and Northeast Oklahoma. He resides in Coffeyville, KS with his wife and daughter.

Chris is registered for securities in KS and AL, and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in KS and OK.


Robert Bachman


Robert, a native Wichitan, is a graduate of North High and Wichita State University. He began his financial services career in the banking industry, working in credit card operations, commercial leasing, consumer loans, and branch administration. Robert subsequently spent several years managing Employer Savings Plans for a number of major regional employers, including The City of Wichita, Via Christi, and Salina Regional Health Center. While continuing to help businesses and institutions in establishing and operating their 401(k) or 403(b) plans, Robert began to see the need for their employees to develop well designed exit strategies, which would serve them throughout the post-retirement years.

Robert joined the SFC team in 2010 to utilize all of the skills he has acquired to serve his community, friends, and family. His knowledge in banking, employer savings plans, and investing allows him to expertly serve his clients as they prepare for and transition into retirement. The SFC team gives me the opportunity to assure my clients that their interests will be well served, so they can progress toward, and into, retirement with confidence, says Robert.

An active member of Wichita State University Alumni Association and Shocker Athletic Scholarship Organization, Robert enjoys spending time cruising the Flint Hills astride his Harley and plugging into a myriad of community events and Wichitas outstanding arts entertainment.



Gene Bielefeld

Financial Advisor

Gene grew up in rural central Kansas, received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from Fort Hays State University, and spent a decade in agriculture before moving his family to Abilene, where he began a career in sales. Frustrated with the often impersonal and transactional nature of his sales job, Gene was looking for a career where he "could make an impact in peoples lives."

In 1989 he began his insurance and investment career, serving the financial needs of clients in Abilene and the surrounding region. Genes wife, Debbie, joined the business in 1999, assisting Gene and building her own specialized practice in group benefits and individual health insurance sales. Bielefeld Insurance & Investments (BII) is located in Abilene, Kansas.  You can reach Gene at (785) 263-2400.

BII became a Strategic Financial Concepts affiliate in 2004. "I am enjoying working with the SFC team, many of whom Ive known and worked with for years. It has brought a refreshing breath of energy to my practice, because I have been able to access additional expertise in serving the needs of my clients. The quality of service is exceptional."

Gene is registered for securities in KS, MO, FL, IA, IN and SC, and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in KS, IA & SC.


Brad Brown, MBA


Brad, a native Kansan, graduated from Emporia State University with a Bachelors Degree in Business and from Wichita State University with a Masters in Business Administration.

Brad had a distinguished thirty plus career in Human Resources with Cargill, that included serving on the advisory board of the union pension fund as well as serving as a management and employee resource for their 401(k) and pension plans for over twenty years.

The human resources experience revealed the need to blend solid financial planning with real life planning to ensure financial resources were maximized and sufficient to meet retirement goals. Since joining Strategic Financial Concepts, Brad has continued his focus on retirement planning. It is my belief that retirees deserve the security and peace of mind that proper insurance and investment planning can provide. Brad said.

Brad leverages the team concept at SFC to ensure his clients benefit from the best and most knowledgeable SFC resources. Financial challenges faced during retirement are varied and complex. Brad is here to bring his work and life experience to assist you in meeting these challenges.

Brad is an active member of Word of Life Church, husband and father. He enjoys spending time with his family, vacationing and traveling.


Vance A. Burns

Financial Advisor

After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma, Vance enjoyed a highly successful career in the banking industry in Kansas and Colorado. I have worked with people and money my entire adult life, so it was a natural progression for me to continue my development as a financial services professional with the team at Strategic Financial, says Vance.

His practice specializes in designing protection and benefit plans for healthcare professionals and small business executives, as well as comprehensive retirement and estate planning for business executives and individuals. He has an extensive background in financial services, working with his clients in a variety of areas.

One of the things I love most about being part of Strategic Financial Concepts is our devotion to a personalized, holistic approach to serving the client. Vance is very enthusiastic when he says, Our firms motto of Designing successful strategies for every phase of life is a challenge and a call to service I joyfully embrace with every client relationship.

Vance is registered for securities in KS and OK, and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in KS.


Elijah Copas

Financial Advisor

Elijah is a home-grown Wichitan, he moved from Georgia to Wichita when he was six years old. Elijah is an Andover Central High School graduate and spent five years at Wichita State University where he earned his MBA with an emphasis in Finance. Elijah also supported his school by becoming a member of WSU cheerleading team.

Elijah started his relationship with SFC as an intern in 2013, while completing his education. His passion for the business and wanting to make a difference for his community, lead him to join SFC as a full-time associate after he completed his graduate degree. Elijah has been working closely with young professionals and young families helping build balanced financial strategies to prepare them for their financial futures.

Elijah enjoys working at SFC because it is an independent firm that allows access to more resources for his clients. “There is a teamwork atmosphere at SFC. It really helps my clients to get the best strategy for their current life situations,” Elijah says.


Joey Crowley


A life-long Wichitan, Joey is a graduate of Kapaun Mount Carmel High School and Wichita State University. While earning his Bachelor of Education degree at WSU, Joey worked with Mark Turgeon and the mens basketball team.

Joey came to SFC following a successful career in the welfare benefits arena where he worked closely with business owners throughout the region. Spending time with both employees, and employers, led him to recognize the acute need for a truly holistic financial planning process. Joey says, Teaming with the professionals at SFC has allowed me to meet that need by using the varied expertise of our group in bringing a brighter financial future to my clients.

As an active young professional, Joey serves his community, enjoys supporting his alma maters athletic teams, and is an active member of his church. Joey spends his free time hanging out with family and golfing.



Kate Foss, MBA

Financial Advisor

Kate Foss has been an active and engaged part of the Wichita community, since her arrival in 1995.  Born and raised the Milwaukee suburb of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, Kate received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Accounting from Regis College, a M.Ed. from the University of Wisconsin, and her MBA from Wichita State University.

Prior to joining SFC, Kate enjoyed a 25 year career in the income tax software industry, where she worked closely with income tax professionals and taxpayers.  Her experience in the income tax profession included a variety of roles.  She was involved in customer education and support efforts, leading the product management team, as well as company wide efforts to ensure client needs were integrated into customer products.  These roles prepared her to help individuals and businesses navigate todays complex financial landscape and plan for the future.

Kates goal is to help clients to achieve happier, wealthier, and more successful financial lives. Whether you are saving for a childs education, building your dream retirement, managing your companys surplus cash or providing for your heirs, Kate can team with you to reach your financial goals. "I work with the members of the SFC team, leveraging their talents to benefit my clients. I believe clients are better served by a team of specialists working together. We work cooperatively to analyze your entire financial picture and monitor progress relative to the clients goal. The client is at the center of everything we do."

An active member and supporter of St. Thomas Aquinas Church and School, Kate has also served on the boards of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Junior League of Wichita.  She enjoys golf and gardening.

Kate is registered for securities in KS and WI, and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in KS and WI.



Michael J. Freund CLU,ChFC®

A native of Kansas and WSU graduate, Mike began his career in risk management and financial planning in 1968. Mike is a member of The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors and The Society of Financial Service Professionals. Active in civic and philanthropic organizations, he makes his home in Wichita, Kansas with his wife, Sherry.

Mike works primarily with independent business owners and families using financial planning tools and products to help them develop and realize their objectives. Products and services are carefully matched to the economic objectives of his clients. A partnership with his clients is cultivated, predicated on trust, understanding and intelligent decision-making.

Mike believes that paying attention to "the little things," can make a huge difference in the results realized by his clients. For example, Mike says, "I believe that in some cases it may be possible to accumulate greater wealth, with less risk, by saving taxes than by constantly focusing on greater returns."

Mike offices independently, and can be reached on his direct line at, (316) 652-9371.

Mike is registered for securities and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in KS, VA & TX.



Adam Furr


Adam, a life-long Kansan and Kansas State University graduate, began his career in financial services to "sincerely make a difference in peoples lives."

Following his graduation from KSU with a degree in Accounting, Adam spent ten years in the mutual fund and banking industries performing specialized accounting duties on a daily basis.

His desire to re-connect with his roots in Southwestern Kansas, assist Strategic Financial Concepts in reaching out to Western Kansas, and to be "the face behind the numbers" have been a few of the driving forces behind his joining SFC in the spring of 2007.

"Being a part of such a great team of professionals has provided me the best opportunity to serve our clients needs and ensure their best interests are taken to heart."

Adams office is located in Garden City, Kansas.  He can be reached at (620) 276-3727.

Adam is registered for securities and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in KS.


Larry Hagedorn

Financial Advisor

Larry is a life-long Kansan, who after 14 years as an accountant desired a career that would have a greater impact in peoples lives.  He began his financial service career in 1988.  He believes his clients should realize their full financial potential and teaches his clients strategies designed to increase their wealth at no additional out-of-pocket outlay.  He also uncovers many fallacies of current financial and estate planning strategies.  Nearly all financial products are considered in the consideration of the ideal strategy and there is no pre-conceived bias.

"I like to empower my clients to take full control and overcome the complexity of the financial world by providing easy to understand, easy to follow, and easy to implement financial models and strategies that are designed to create the maximum wealth possible."

Larry is the founder of Hagedorn and Associates, which became a Strategic Financial Concepts affiliate in 2007 and offices independently.  Larry can be reached on his direct line at (316) 733-6410.

Larry is registered for securities and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in KS.



Delvin Holdeman,ChFC®

Financial Advisor

Delvin grew up in Newton and received both his undergraduate degree and MBA from Wichita State University. Delvin spent the first 20 years of his career in marketing with a diverse group of companies. He ended up joining the financial services industry over 17 years ago as a way to assist clients in achieving their dreams.

Throughout his career in financial services, the majority of Delvins time has been spent in training and managing both new and experienced representatives. He has always stood by the principle that if you do what is in the best interest of the client, the representative will also be successful.

When asked Why Strategic Financial Concepts?, Delvins response is immediate in that he has been extremely impressed with the team approach taken at the organization. It is hard to be an expert in all the areas we cover but at SFC there is a multitude of knowledge and willingness to share that is unprecedented in any of his prior companies. It is this team effort which assures the client is being served in the best way possible.

Delvin is a member of the Wichita State Alumni Association, National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) and GAMA. Delvin and his spouse enjoy traveling, hiking and visiting vineyards and wineries.

Delvin is registered for securities and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in KS.



Robert J. Hubbard, Jr.

Financial Advisor

Robert began his financial services career in 1998 in the banking industry, including management roles with a local credit union, before venturing into the financial planning arena with a national firm. In 2009, Robert joined SFC , "to broaden the product offerings and planning processes available to my clientele."

"Ive always seen my role as that of a financial educator, helping clients make informed decisions about their financial futures and the products that are part of their portfolios. The team process which we employ at SFC allows me to be more effective in this endeavor by drawing on the vast array of experience and expertise within the firm."

Robert is thankful for the values gleaned from his small-town upbringing, as s lifelong Augustan. A graduate of BCCC and Friends University, Robert is involved in a number of area civic and community projects and is an active member at Life Church in Augusta, where he serves on the Financial Board. Robert and his wife, Stacey, enjoy living the country life in Butler County.

 Robert is registered for securities and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in KS, MO, OK, TX, & IN.



Josh Humig


Josh is a life-long resident of El Dorado, he earned his Associates Degree in Business Administration from Butler County Community College. Like many, his life journey took a different direction than he had anticipated. Josh spent many years training and working in the HVAC industry. Along the way, he never lost sight of his desire to be involved in the business and finance industry; teaching financial classes for more than 15 years and filling the role of treasurer for multiple non-profit entities.

Josh was first introduced to SFC several years ago, when he became a client. He is quick to say Relationship, trust and a better understanding of how things really work is what motivated me to take action concerning the financial future of my family. Now, Josh is working with the team at SFC to help his clients make wise, informed and educated decisions concerning the security of their own financial futures.

Josh along with his wife and 7 children continue to be involved with numerous civic and community organizations and serves as the missions coordinator for Life Church in Augusta. His passion for world missions has taken him to more than 15 countries over the past twenty years.

 Josh is licensed to sell securities, insurance and annuity products in KS.



Willard R. Isaacs


Willard began his financial services career over 40 years ago. "In those days," Willard says, "stock brokers brokered, life insurance agents insured, and bankers made loans and paid interest. Today, few of the traditionally defined roles remain." Early in his career, Willard sought to be more holistic in his approach to helping people plan for their future security than perhaps was fashionable at the time.

Willard continues to stretch himself, and the preconceptions of his clients, to offer, "more than is expected in order to accomplish that which is necessary." It is his desire that J&M Wealth Stratgies create a living legacy of providing bright financial futures for the citizens of Wellington and the surrounding communities.

"Our affiliation with Strategic Financial Concepts helps assure that my clients will benefit from the coordinated efforts of a team of professionals. This allows me to act as an advocate for my clients goals, by helping them implement the crucial decisions necessary to the success of their plans."

J&M Wealth Strategies is located in Wellington, Kansas. Willard can be reached at (620) 326-8996.

Willard is licensed to sell insurance in KS.


Roger Andrew James, CLTC, LUTCF

Financial Advisor

Andy graduated from the University of Kansas in 1976 with a Bachelors in Business. After stints in the printing industry he started his career in the financial services arena in 1991. His love of the industry and desire to impact his community lead him to expand the scope of his practice as part of the SFC team.

Through the years his emphasis has been on financial planning for families. He has always taken a special interest in helping his clients prepare to support themselves when they retire. I see a great model at Strategic Financial Concepts, helping clients to protect, grow, and preserve their wealth.

Andy and wife Laura have a hobby, The Lucky Dog Ranch. They enjoy their children and grandchildren.

Andy resides in Anderson, Missouri and his office is located in Bentonville, Arkansas. He can be reached at 479.553.7633.


James D. Myrtle, LUTCF


Jim is a life-long Wichitan, North High graduate, and former Shocker shortstop. Jims financial services career spans more than thirty years. He began his journey working primarily with property and casualty insurance, and through the years he has continued to provide thousands of Wichita area residents with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their prized possessions are protected.

Beginning in 1974, however, Jim began to see the need to help people build and protect a financial future, as well. By adding the ability to provide investments to his product offerings, Jim became a pioneer in "integrating clients security needs with their need for securities," he quips. "Seriously, my interest in helping people began a thirty year migration from focusing on protecting rides and residences to providing retirements."

"Due to the death of an associate, my business has experienced some unexpected twists and turns in recent years," Jim says. "The affiliation Ive had with Strategic Financial Concepts since 1993, and the working relationship my clients have with SFC, has afforded me the opportunity to give every client the most comprehensive array of financial services I could have ever imagined."

Jims direct line is (316) 267-7370.

Jim is registered for securities in KS, MO, OK, CO, TX and CA, and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in KS & MO.


Jay Pitzer

Financial Advisor

Jay is a Hutchinson native and a graduate of Hutchinson Community College with an Associate Arts Degree, and Bachelors Degree in Vocational and Technical Business Education from Emporia State University.

Jay began his financial Services career in 1981 with a Kansas City based insurance and investment firm and expanded to working with regional and investment firms. After years in the financial services industry, he is more excited than ever about helping his clients understand their financial future by educating them about their finances through the team concept at SFC. It has always been my aim to present my clients with the best resources and knowledge available in our industry, with my alliance with SFC I can achieve this aim, Jay says. Many of Jays clients have been with him for more than 25 years and he is pleased to been able to serve second and third generations of families.

Jay and his wife, Donna, are active members of Park Place Christian Church. Jay serves on Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce, is a SCORE member, Hutchinson Recreation Commission Foundation, Hutchinson Community College Alumni Association and Hutchinson Community College Quarterback Club. He is a past board member of the Kansas Cosmosphere Foundation. He is also a member of the local AMBUCS service club that provides independence and mobility for people with disabilities. Jay enjoys model trains, cooking out, and swimming.

Jay is registered for securities and is licensed to sell insurance and annuities in Kansas.


Austin Powers


A native Wichitan, Austin, attended Kapaun Mount Carmel High School and graduated from Valley Center High School before receiving his Associate Degree in Communications from Butler County Community College and studying economics and marketing at Wichita State University.

Austin joined Strategic Financial Concepts after a successful career with Feist Communications where he worked closely with business owners to develop advertising strategies for their target market.

As an active young professional, Austin is involved in community affairs and is a member of Blessed Sacrament Church.

"This industry gives me the opportunity to continue the family legacy of providing exceptional service to those who are building a financial legacy of their own."

Austin is registered for securities and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in KS.



Robert Powers, M.S., LUTCF

Bob moved to Wichita, Kansas from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1963, when he was recruited to play basketball for Ralph Miller at Wichita State University. In the nine years following his graduation from WSU, Bob garnered state and national recognition for his achievements in improving the quality of care for the handicapped living in group-homes throughout the U.S.

In July 1977, Bob started a career in the financial services industry. His client relationships are based on excellent service and sound, value-oriented recommendations concerning specific financial and insurance products to be used in the clients retirement, business and estate planning.

In 2001, Powers Associates L.L.C., affiliated with SFC. His direct line is (316) 263-3618.

Bob is licensed to sell insurance in KS.


Todd Powers, MBA

Financial Advisor

Todd has been a financial advisor for 15 years. He knows the ins and outs of helping you accumulate capital, plan for retirement, establish an estate plan and start funding for your childrens college education. He can demonstrate the advantages of a comprehensive financial strategy for your family or business.

Todd graduated from Kapaun Mt. Carmel in 1986 received a B.S. in Business Administration from Friends University in 1991, and an MBA from Friends University in 2000.

Todd associated his practice with Strategic Financial Concepts in 2001. He has made a valuable contribution to the team concept at SFC and feels that he and his clients have benefited from the affiliation as well.

Todd is registered for securities in KS, CO, DE, TX, FL, MO and TN, and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in KS, FL & MO.



Delmer Regehr, LUTCF


Delmer is a life-long Kansan, who began his financial services career in 1986, and co-founded the R & W agency in 1987. With a solid background in accounting and agri-business management, he quickly developed a reputation as a conscientious and practical advisor to farm and small business owners. He also works extensively with a broad range of individual planning situations from young families to retirees. "Every clients circumstances are different," says Delmer. "The challenge and the joy of this profession are in finding solutions that are appropriate to their unique situation."

Delmer strives to serve the financial needs of his community and the surrounding area, and has been actively involved in promoting the interests of local schools and economic development of the region.

"I have had an association with many of the folks at SFC since the early days of my career, and I am pleased to have formally affiliated R & W Agency with Strategic Financial Concepts."

R & W Agency is located in Inman, Kansas. You can reach Delmer at (620) 585-2511.

Delmer is registered for securities and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in KS & TX.



Larry D Risley, LUTCF, CLU


Born and raised in Stafford County, Kansas, Larry is a graduate of St. John High School and The College of Emporia, with post-graduate studies at Emporia State University. Following a five-year stint with the Army National Guard, Larry was a highly successful teacher and coach in Everest, Kansas.

An insurance & financial advisor since 1978, Larry has seen the world of insurance and investments evolve from a very role-specific, segmented environment into a highly integrated industry. After twenty years working in and broadening the concept of the traditional agency, Larry founded Risley Financial Services (RFS) to have greater autonomy in the selection of products he offers. In 2000, RFS affiliated with Strategic Financial Concepts to further expand the multi-disciplinary services available to his clients.

"Throughout my sales career, I have assisted people of all ages, backgrounds and careers with their personal and business insurance and investment needs. The guiding principle of my practice is to always make recommendations in the best interest of those who have chosen me as their insurance and investment products professional. I am committed to providing the level of service my clients desire, and have every right to expect."

Larry is registered for securities and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in KS


Phillip Schmidt

Financial Advisor

Philip was born and raised in Newton, Kansas and has continued to be an active member of the Newton and Hesston communities throughout his life. 
Philip earned a B.A. from Bethel College and a Master’s in Education from the University of Kansas, before he and his wife, Marla, dedicated two years of voluntary service in South Dakota.   That experience, which included one year as a teacher’s assistant in an out of school suspension program and another as an assistant manager of a day program for adults with persistent mental illness, imbued Phillip with the desire to lead a life focused on making a difference for others.
Returning to the Hesston area, Philip spent 15 years as a Science teacher educating young minds at Newton High School.   While working in the schools, Philip became intrigued by the complexities of the financial decisions faced by his friends and colleagues, especially those nearing or entering retirement.  His study of these matters led many of his acquaintances to seek his counsel and advice, so he stepped away from the classroom to pursue his passion for helping others plan their financial futures.  Today, Philip utilizes his teaching talents to help educate his clients, so that they can make the most informed financial decisions possible.
Philip enjoys working at the Strategic Financial Concepts office because of the helpful, friendly atmosphere.  “Everyone there is committed to making sure that the clients’ needs come first.  There is a team atmosphere that really helps ensure that the clients always get first-class service and support.”  It was the dedication to helping others Philip witnessed at SFC that caused him to feel that this was the place for him.


David C. Smith, CLU, LUTCF, ChFC

Financial Advisor

David grew up on a small family farm in Northwest Arkansas. He was the middle son in a family of five boys. On the farm he learned the value of hard work, and he developed an optimism and love for simple things that still marks his life today.

David has been in the financial services industry for 23 years. His career focuses on serving the public education community. Over the years David has developed a deep respect and appreciation for those who serve us by educating our children. It is his belief that they deserve the security and peace of mind that a quality insurance and investment portfolio can provide. Since joining Strategic Financial Concepts, David has specialized in Retirement Planning. The financial challenges faced during retirement are varied and complex. David is here to bring his educational community and life experience to assist you in meeting these challenges.

David and his wife Barbara make their home in Wichita, where they raised their five children. They have always enjoyed their family, but they find the experience of being Grandma and Grandpa the most enjoyable of all.

"Peace of mind comes with proper preparation and planning," David says.  "A little time spent today planning for tomorrow can dramatically reduce the stress of life for ourselves and those we love."

David is registered for securities and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in KS.



Elizabeth Jan Stembridge, ChFC®

Director of Securities

Jan has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with major emphasis on economics and accounting from Wichita State University. She is a Registered Principal with The O.N. Equity Sales Company (ONESCO), providing guidance and supervision to the team of professionals affiliated with Strategic Financial Concepts and ONESCO, and she offers Investment Advisory services through O.N. Investment Management Company.

More than a decade of financial and retirement planning experience has finely honed her investment acumen and problem-solving skills. Her professional care and personal commitment make her invaluable to her clients. Jan applies her many years of experience, knowledge and skills to help you attain all your financial goals leaving you time to live your life.

"I enjoy helping my clients in their quest for financial independence. Its a great feeling when it all comes together, and it works for the client."

Jan is registered for securities in KS, LA, MD, MI, MO, NY, CO, AZ, TX, CA, GA, TN, SC, OK and NE, and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in AR, CA, CO, KS, NE, SC, TN and TX.



Chris Taylor, M.E.

Financial Advisor

Chris is a life-long resident of Wichita, graduating from Wichita High School East and earning undergraduate and graduate degrees from Wichita State University. He began his professional career as an intern for Wichita Baseball, Inc., the parent corporation of the National Baseball Congress and the Wichita Wranglers, Double A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals. During his eleven-year career, Chris worked his way up the organizational ladder to become Assistant General Manager of Financial Operations. In 2003, Chris turned in his cleats, taking his business acumen to the financial services industry as an associate with Strategic Financial Concepts, Inc.

In addition to his personal practice, working primarily with late Baby Boomers and Generation Xers, Chris works closely with other members of the Strategic Financial Concepts team. Utilizing his technical expertise in advanced planning, Chris assists in developing coordinated plans for small-business owners and professional practices.

"Given my background in professional sports, I really enjoy the team approach here at Strategic Financial Concepts. The SFC team is loaded with talented individuals who recognize the value of collaboration. The clients get the benefit of our collective expertise."

Chris is registered for securities and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in KS & TX.



John W. Taylor


John is a life-long Kansan and graduate of Central College of McPherson. Following a stint with the U.S. Coast Guard, John spent several years working for farm cooperatives. In 1984, he brought his exceptional financial management skills to a new career in the insurance and investment industry.

During his twenty-plus years as a financial services professional, John has worked with farmers, ranchers, and small-business owners in virtually every Kansas County. His reputation for integrity and service has earned the loyalty of multiple generations. "Nothing is more satisfying to me than seeing the daily operation of a farm or business transition to the sons and daughters, because Ive played a small role in making it possible. The opportunity to begin charting a course to financial freedom for the children and extended families of my clients is a privilege I treasure."

Johns association with the folks at Strategic Financial Services dates back to 1988. "My affiliation withSFC gives me access to the additional resources and expertise I need to serve my clients well, " John says. Johns office is located in Topeka, Kansas.  He can be reached at (785) 273-7956.

John is registered for securities in KS, MO, TX, CO and NE, and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in KS, TX, CO & MO.



Mike Truly

Financial Advisor

Mike, a Ouachita Baptist University graduate and Wichita resident since 1992, takes his role as a financial services professional seriously. Having spent more than twenty years calling on and working with small businesses, Mike has gained a unique insight into the financial concerns and challenges that face businesses and individuals today.

His passion is to assist each client in the development of a comprehensive and diversified financial plan. Mike is quick to point out that the best financial strategies are only theories without proper execution.

"Ultimately, all financial decisions are - and should be - made by my clients, but I feel an obligation to be vigilant in helping them understand how to realize their financial dreams and desires. I enjoy working with people, and take joy and pride in the fact that the work that I do today will have a lasting and positive impact in the future of my clients and their families."

Mike is registered for securities in KS, MO, OK, AR and TX, and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in KS, AR & TX.


Isaac Ulbrich

Financial Advisor

Isaac is a life-long Kansan and Wichita area resident. He is a Valedictorian graduate from Maize High as well as a Cum Laude graduate of Wichita State University with a bachelors degree in Finance. He began his career in financial services upon graduation from Wichita State with a large wire-house brokerage, where he gained valuable technical knowledge of the securities industry and an understanding of the complexity involved with long-term financial success.

Isaacs desire to serve his clients to the best of his abilities led him to a relationship with SFC. I immediately became fascinated with the truly holistic model for financial planning at SFC, where clients hear a refreshingly unique and clear-cut perspective on all aspects of their financial lives, not just the management of their assets, he says. Isaac has become a trusted source of honest advice for his clients as they seek to get their financial goals and plans in order.

Isaac is active in the Wichita community, with membership in the East Wichita Rotary and serving on the Board of Directors for the Wichita Symphony Orchestra. He enjoys spending free time with his family, skiing, traveling, and playing musical instruments.


Craig Wright, MBA

Financial Advisor

Craig is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Southwest Baptist University, where he also completed his graduate studies and served on staff as an admissions advisor. Helping families through the college admissions process gave him an up-close look at the importance of advance planning in preparing for the financial requirements of higher education. "College funding doesnt have to be a scary process. With adequate planning, attending the college of the students dreams can be an affordable reality," Craig says.

Craig believes the SFC team approach is a critical component in his efforts to build long-term, meaningful relationships with his clients. "The complexity and ever-changing nature of todays financial markets demands expertise in many areas. The opportunity for me to interact with associates from backgrounds in many different areas of finance and business affords my clients the best opportunity to meet their financial goals."

Craig says he experienced that difference for himself as a client before becoming part of the SFC team. "My relationship with SFC formed several years ago. I was able to see, first-hand, the benefits of the team approach and utilizing a client-centric, educational process."

An active young professional and life-long Springfield resident, Craig is involved in many community affairs and is an active member of Ridgecrest Baptist Church. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son, performing as a musician, golfing, hunting, and exploring places off the beaten path as he travels with his family.

Craig's office is located in Springfield, Missouri. He can be reached at 417.823.3810.

Craig is registered for securities in MO, KS, GA, FL, AR, and OR, and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in MO, KS, and AR.



Shawn Wyatt CFP®, CRPC

Financial Advisor

Shawn began his career in the financial services industry in 2006 after graduating from Emporia State University. As a Certified Financial Planner®, Shawn believes that with proper strategy and planning both personal and financial goals can be achieved. He also sees the absolute need to stay vigilant in the management of his clients assets given the volatility that the market is capable of. He is grateful for the role that his clients allow him to serve within their lives.

Shawn has lived in central Kansas all his life and has been a Hutchinson resident since 2008. He is active in the community as a member of the First United Methodist Church and serves as the Chair of the Finance Committee. He also serves on the Public Policy Advisory Committee at the Reno County Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Directors at the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center. He enjoys spending his free time with family, golfing, and hunting.

Shawn is registered for securities and licensed to sell insurance and annuity products in KS, MO & OH.